Location: West End, Tortola

It has been a very productive time aboard Slow Motion this summer. The Neptunes all completed their advanced open water, along with multiple specialties and the Dolphins finished their research projects and presentations. We take time to have the night of the cards. The night of the cards is always an emotional one here at ActionQuest. Anchored at Norman island aboard Slow Motion, we all sit and pour our feelings for one another into notecards to be read later. Among some of the feelings emerge favorite stories from the trip. The music was certainly a highlight with Jackson, Drew, and Jordan always requesting music and keeping the dance parties going. The diving has been top notch and we have had some great encounters. Nicole’s second night dive with the bioluminescence stands out as a favorite. Also, Ale’s bubble rings during each safety stop definitely improved. Adelaide and Meg seemed to be in their own little world down there but always managed to see really cool things. After each dive seeing Liam glued to the fish I.D. book always inspired exciting conversations about new fish. We were all pleased when Jess’s ear felt better so she could finish her final digital photo dive to complete the specialty. Other than diving we had some great times as well. Sunsets after dinner with Matt discussing physics and some obscure concept definitely kept everyone laughing. When it was time to get to work Sadie and Emma always made sure everyone was on track to get moving. Then there was Claudia calling everyone out and making us laugh. It’s about time to pack up and leave our new friends for a little while. However, many of us have already made plans to see one another soon. We have learned, laughed, loved, cried, and danced through this session. It will not be something we will soon forget.

Maddy, Adi & Lolo