Location: West End, Tortola

The final and third session of 2018 is coming to an end on The Entertainer. It has been an eventful 17 days on our circumnavigation of the BVIs. From starting out in Soper’s Hole we have visited 10+ islands only to be returning back to our home base. Our shipmates have embraced everything in their stride from dancing in the pouring rain, to wreck diving, through to almost catching turtles. They have bonded fantastically as a group and grown together helping and supporting each other all the way through the 17 days.

Abby successfully drew every member of the crew during her time on board. She also constantly contributed to the running of the boat.

Chrissy was always first to start dancing whether that be during clean up or during a rain downpour. She mastered being part of the anchor team providing help most times when anchoring.

Sephena and Violet both contributed greatly to their Dolphin project on algal diversity on mooring lines and reefs.

Heather and Will were both essential parts of life on board. They contributed to their respective Dolphin projects whilst improving both their sailing and diving skills.

Bella’s bubbly attitude and Ben’s energy brought a fun and light-hearted dynamic to the group.

Mike became a certified diver this session completing his PADI Open Water Course. His new skills enabled her to contribute to his groups Dolphin project, who delivered an impressive presentation to the group.

Eli was always on hand to help during mooring and anchoring as well as helping pump all our tanks on the compressor. He was a crucial part of his Dolphin project group.

Ethan furthered his diving and marine biology experience by jumping head first into his groups’ dolphin project of how the benthic composition affects the number of groupers present. We also have Ethan to thank for a surprise bacon breakfast.

David developed his diving and sailing skills whilst finding a new-found passion for reading thanks to Daniel.

Daniel provided a trilogy of books which captured the imagination of the rest of the shipmates. He also was always willing to help around the boat when someone needed help.

This has been a fantastic final session to our season bringing a sad end to the summer by having to say goodbye to this brilliant group. They will all truly be missed onboard the Entertainer.

Parker, Elle & Alex