Location: West End, Tortola

Its the final night on the water for session three, and we staff can’t believe it has flown by so quickly. What’s more, even though we should be used to it by now, all our awesome shipmates are down below, chilling out together and collectively cooking us a delicious dinner! We have been constantly surprised by the fantastic team our nationally diverse students have become and how well they adapted to life on our 51.5 x 10(???) foot floating island over the last 17 days. We may be biased but.. we have had the Best Team Ever! I have been teaching the diving side of the Carina program and spent most of my time with Ellie, Jesse, Luca, Daniel (Lion), and Daniel, and I am proud to certify them as Advanced Divers with their Fish ID and Boat Diver Specialties. Over our dives, I’ve seen them conquer underwater navigation, develop vital buddy team communication skills, and expand their awareness of what lies beneath. I had some awesome dives with them all and it was especially great taking Ellie for her first-ever wreck dive on the RMS Rhone! Lion and Daniel have been a power duo like no other on the boat, always the source of all jokes and the best American DJs on the deck(s)! However, fierce competition came from team Europe in the form of Luca with his Swiss euro-pop and 80s tunes! Joey then took up all other genres with his playlists and spent a lot of time huddled with the staff discussing them, life, the universe, and everything around the slowest coffee percolator known to man. So much has happened on this trip – be it deep discussions or legendary mischievous antics/costumes often led by Jesse with Luca, Joey, and Graham in full swing! Graham, our Quest-er, has been doing loads of cool activities across the islands and really blew us away with his Pico skills and sailing skills! As did our Vega students Cat (with the highest energy levels ever) and Charlotte (with her quirky Swedish style and input), who we’ve had an absolute blast with gaining their first SCUBA and sailing qualifications. All in all, it been a memorable trip. We’re all sad to see coming to an end. We’ve had so much fun, and Gordo, Simon, Kris, and I really look forward to hearing and seeing these crazy folks again in the future!