Location: West End, Tortola

Our amazing adventure is coming to an end, and our crew is becoming more tight-knit than ever. They have all grown so much and showed that they possess an incredible amount of impressive skills. Who would have known that Noelle can steer a boat like that of an experienced sailor, or that Adrian can perform any underwater scuba skill imaginable close to perfection. Throughout our journey, we have lost buckets, brushes, more buckets, pots, and utensils, and we have struggled with tedious duties like dirty dishes and pooping seagulls. The material things lost to Davey Jones are of little importance compared to the experiences gained. Unexpected leaders popped up over and over during our trip, and they would sweep in and save the day whenever guidance was needed. Sam led silently by example and Jonah with encouragement and hard work. Ellie and Michael brought wisdom and thoughtfulness to the group when needed. I think that everyone can agree that Sabrina could make anyone’s day better with one of her crazy life experience stories. It was a pleasure for me to teach scuba to the Tanisians. It was an amazing experience seeing how well Lindsey adapted to the underwater world and how much she loved it. Whilst diving the RMS Rhone and bumping into a bunch of shipmates rubbing the lucky porthole of the wreck, I took a moment to look around at their faces. Excitement and complete happiness is what I found. Session three has been an amazing trip with some intense sailing and diving. But more importantly, it has been a journey done by an impressive group of individuals that managed to accomplish so many things in just 17 days!