Location: West End, Tortola

Welcome back everyone; this is dive instructor Tucker on board, and I just wanted to start off by saying that I can’t believe how fast these past 17 days have gone by. There are few words that express how proud I am of everything these shipmates have been able to achieve over the past two and a half weeks. From my side of the program, the diving has been completed, and we have a handful of newly certified divers. During the last update, we told about how everyone on board passed his or her dive exams. At this point, we have five brand new certified open water divers. The five of them (Max A., Max W., Ryan, Wyatt, and Marti) have completed their open water courses, which consisted of multiple quizzes and training dive as well as an exam and 4 open water dives, in which they were required to show skills they had learned on their training dives. It’s my pleasure to say the improvement I have seen in all 5 of these individuals over the past 17 days is unbelievable. Whether it was their buoyancy, their breathing, or anything in-between, the progress I have seen from these 5 has shown their desire to learn and excel at new tasks they put their minds too. I can’t wait to hear about future endeavors they dive into (no pun intended) Now I’ll pass the blog over to our skipper Mitch to talk a little about the sailing that has happened over the past two and a half weeks. Hello everyone! As Tucker said it, we are incredibly impressed with the progress our shipmates have made. Our jobs are to teach tangible skills, but our students understand the intangible aspects of sailing and diving as well. When sailing, I can see that there is an understanding of the ocean, the waves, the wind, and their relation to Laurasia. Ryan, Max A., Adaline, Julia, and Max W. have all passed their International Yacht Training exams. This is the highest ratio of shipmates I’ve ever passed for this Basic Crew Certificate.

Marti, Leandra, and Wyatt will come home with their ActionQuest certificates. We’ve finished up sailing and have tossed the lines to the dock for the last time; it’s only a few hours until our new friends and mentors head home to you, happy for long showers and big, soft beds- luxuries seldom afforded aboard a sailing vessel. It is hard to believe that our voyage together aboard the lovely Laurasia is coming to an end. These 17 days have flown by! We have seen some beautiful places around the British Virgin Islands. We have had incredible adventures in diving, sailing, hiking, water skiing, and general life on a sailboat. We have had some tough times, but we have also had many moments filled with laughter, friendship, and personal growth. I am sad to see my new shipmates and friends leave so soon, but I am excited to see where these incredible young people take their lives. This trip would not have been the same without each one of them. Thank you, Julia, Marti, Ryan, Wyatt, Adi, Max. A., Lali, and Max W. for this great adventure!