Location: West End, Tortola

It’s coming to the end of the trip here on Changes, and boy have we had an adventure. We’ve been sailing all around the islands, exploring everything from the wreckages of sunken ships to tropical desert beaches, where we’ve hung out for BBQ’s and caught up with the rest of the fleet. Marco, Allie, Charlie, Will, and Pete have all gotten their PADI Open Water diver, and are really progressing- going on their first dive as certified divers to the wreck of the RMS Rhone. The advanced dive group, Anan, Blas, Alex, and JJ also had their first dive as certified advanced open water divers on a deeper section of the wreck, while the Quest contingent, Louise, and Emmalee snorkeled it from above. The Vega sailors all did really well, passing their practical and written exams and gaining their entry-level sailing certificates, while the Carinas all got their VHF certificates and the Flotilla Skipper and International Watch certification. We’ve also been killing it in the races with an undefeated winning streak with the Pringles cup drag race, the Road Town regatta, and an assumed victory in the final push. Overall everyone has had an amazing experience down here, and we’re gonna be super sad to see the shipmates off.