Location: West End, Tortola

The mood on board Southern Accent has been a bit manic the past couple nights as the trip draws to a close. Who would have thought that the mild-mannered group of young adults from two weeks ago was capable of such wild food fights and dance parties? Though this group is smaller than usual, they have become a more tightly knit group over the past 16 days than one would think possible. Sophie has brought the group together with her sense of humor, as well as becoming EFR certified. Shelby managed to apply her amazing helming skills to pass our rival boat during the first race. Marcela and Amelia managed to power through some makeup dives and became officially certified, open water divers! On a similar note, Thomas and Nathan have just completed the training to become divemasters, which is the first level of professional diving. While everyone on board was able to receive their IYT International Crew Certificate, Mia has gone above and beyond in all aspects of making the boat move and function efficiently. If there is a line to be hauled in, chances are she’s already on it. Shelby has also earned her advanced sailing certifications! I’m proud to say that I was the first person to get Ford up on a wakeboard, though I am a bit embarrassed to say that in two weeks he has managed to exceed my skill level significantly. The staff all agrees that though we were only on board together for a short period, this is a group we will not easily forget. The mania is starting to settle down as we all prepare to go home, but the past 16 days have been filled with so many laughs and memories that I’m certain we’ll all bring more back than we came with.