Location: West End, Tortola

We’ve reached the end of an amazing trip onboard Therapy,” aka the best boat in the world by miles. It’s hard to believe that only two and a half weeks ago, we were all strangers. The shipmates have been living, learning, sailing, and scuba diving together extremely well, and the close bonds formed within the group make us seem like a weird-looking family. The mood on board is as excitable as ever, but it’s plain to see that the emotions are already building as the trip draws to a close.
The Dolphins – our budding marine biologists – have been busy sketching fish, catching sea turtles, dissecting sea creatures, and loading up on mind-blowing ocean knowledge. Over the last few days, they have completed an excellent set of scientific research projects, finishing up with a written report, and presentations to the entire group. IMPALED ” a project on sea urchins by Kate, Tatiana and Anastacia were written beautifully and presented with style. Pedro, Noah, and Harry cracked open the chemical test kits to analyze salinity, and Pedro, our Portuguese explorer, wrote a fantastic report, despite English being a second language.
The Neptunes ” Katie, Schyler and Marita are our scuba diver extraordinaire. Over the last few days, they have completed their advanced certifications and specialty courses, most recently a full day of wreck diving on the kissing wrecks, where they learned to properly and safely enter a shipwreck. They, along with the Dolphins, have also completed their night diver certification, and every shipmate on board rose to the challenge of completing their first student-led night dive, on their own, in the dark.
Some of our extra-curricular activities have also created a stir amongst the shipmates. Grady, Mike, and Boyd have proven to be very talented and valuable crew-members when anchoring, mooring, sailing, and generally running the boat. Jarrett and Mihir have highlighted our wreck diving as the favorite part of their trip overall. The Chikuzen wreck is usually good, but this session was exceptional, with sharks, rays, Goliath groupers, barracudas, and huge schools of fish surrounding the shipwreck. Boyd Richie, a frequent ActionQuest returner, made our days by pulling off a historic prank on his ex-crew member, sneakily filling his sail bag with flour, creating huge clouds of white smoke when they raised the sails.
Skipper Cat, Jess, and I have loved getting to know each of the shipmates over the last two and a half weeks. Watching them progress with scuba diving, marine biology, general boat life, face the challenges of storms and salacious diatoms and become a close group of friends is what makes the whole thing extremely worthwhile for us. Overall we could not have asked for a better group of shipmates to finish off the summer with.