Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Life on board Therapy has seemed like a dream. It is hard to believe that we’ve only been a crew for just ten days. Already the team has come together in an amazing way, and we have been able to accomplish so much: from our shipmates first self-lead dive to docking Therapy on their own. We’ve seen and done some truly amazing things, and while sailing and diving in the beautiful BVIs are fantastic, it is the crew that has made the trip so far truly indescribable. Sam and Whit have taken the lead in driving Therapy and are quickly becoming skilled sailors. Cameron is seemingly always there to assist with nearly anything needing help. Alex has been working tirelessly on his Dolphin work and is the first to finish. Willie’s jokes keep us all in stitches while Ryan’s one-liners chime in with the perfect balance of humor that has our boat always laughing. Megan’s willingness to open up has brought us all together and quickly made us go from strangers to friends. Molly and Marissa are our top dive team and are always the first in the water. Cheyenne is the necessary calm-natured soul that grounds a boat of twelve rowdy teens. Victor has been amazing in the galley and excited to learn how to prepare some new dishes. And our team would not be complete if it wasn’t for Amelia’s energy that can inspire and wake even a napping teen. We are truly a lucky group of staff to get the opportunity to work with and watch these amazing kids grow into some impressive and spectacular young adults.