Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

While part of me cannot believe we’ve hit the halfway mark of Day 10, I start to realize just how far we’ve come since sitting on the dock in West End. The shipmates have become not only a fully functioning crew and avid divers but a hilarious, caring, and proud family. As a staff member, part of the fun can sit back and watch the shipmates we’ve taught for the past ten days begin to take over the boat and take it as their own. And what a great group they are. Charter is always an amazing help in the galley, especially today when we had three full meals needing to be prepared even though it wasn’t his turn on the job wheel to be a chef. Whenever we pull into an anchorage or dock, I know David and Alex are my go-to guys for anchoring and mooring. Grace, always the first to ask if we can go snorkeling or jump in the water is always helpful when its time to get a dive group on the move to our next awesome site. In these instances its also helpful to have a student like Tomas always there to help move around heavy dive gear, whether it’s on a rolling boat or out of a deep anchor locker. Ashley and Ally have finally come out of their shells and one of my favorite days so far has been taking them “extreme kneeboarding.” Having a student such as Maddy on board is so wonderful as I see the same passion for diving in her that I have, and she never forgets her goal of achieving Divemaster by then end of the second session. If you ever have a moment on board that you forget that you’re in paradise and you get a little upset, all you need is Desiree’s smiling face to set you straight. And if that doesn’t get you out of your funk, Megan is just around the corner ready to have you doubled over in pain from laughter. Having Aubree and Lyndsi on board always gives me someone who will genuinely be interested in the nerdy fish facts I tend to point out on more than one occasion. And the perfect final touch to this crew is our newest arrival, Corey, who has fallen into step perfectly with everyone, which I commend as coming in late to a tight fit group such as this can be more than a little intimidating.

As you can see, Sam and I are pretty lucky to have a group like this as they always follow the two rules on the Boss Lady-1. No knives in the jelly, only spoons, and 2. Be the best! I’m excited to see what the next ten days bring and what amazing things the Boss Ladies and Gents have in store.