Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Day 10 has arrived, and none of us can believe we are nearly halfway through the session. That said, so much has been achieved already. Second Wind has six Dolphins and six Neptunes on board. The Neptunes are Mitchell, Mathew, Hannah, Sadie, Jan, and Griffin. They recently all became PADI Advanced divers after completing their last Open Water dive on the wreck of the RMS Rhone. Congratulations to all of them! Sierra, Megan, Cooper, Lauren, Bria, and Riley make up the Dolphins. These are our marine biologists and conservationists of the future. They have already tagged a turtle to help fisheries scientists to monitor turtle populations and growth rates. Sierra played a key part in this as she was responsible for recording all of the measurements. Bria has also excelled in the Dolphin program and is already way ahead having completed her exam, fish journal, and submitted her proposal for her research project. Back to the Neptune program and this morning, Hannah, Sadie, Jan, and Mitchell all completed their second wreck dive on the Fearless. They all came back with fantastic maps showing points of interest and hazards that other divers could use to navigate the sunken trawler. Excellent navigation skills were also demonstrated by Megan and Lauren as they searched for the anchor of the Rhone, which was dropped as it tried to escape a hurricane back in 1867. Let’s also not forget that we all live together on a 50ft boat, and that requires a lot of consideration for how their actions may affect others. Hannah and Sadie are always smiling and joking, helping to keep everyone in great spirits. In the galley, Riley, Megan, Griffin, and Cooper, as well as others, have been keeping our bellies full of tasty meals. Mitchell and Jan are great sailors and can always be relied upon to keep Second Wind moving smoothly. Mathew is our navigator, having visited the BVI’s before he can always point us in the right direction whilst Cooper has been keeping our engines and compressor in working order. When a squall hit the boat a few days ago, the sky turned grey, the wind blew hard, and the rain hammered down, but Mathew and Jan could still be seen on the bow, with huge grins on their faces. As the day comes to a close, before the lectures, night dives, and squeezes, we have also found time to go water skiing. Griffin, Sierra, and Riley managed to get up for the first time after lots of determination and some fantastic coaching from Megan and Lauren, whilst Mitchell was straight up on the mono ski. Amidst the beautiful sunsets, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches, we are having the time of our lives and look forward to the week to come.