Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Josiah’s Reach is an incredibly special boat. Having passed through half of the program, we’re all in shock as to how fast the days have gone. The shipmates aboard have created a unique experience, unlike any AQ voyage I’ve ever been a part of. Just yesterday, we met together to discover new ways to make a living on a boat easier for everyone. To start with, the staff began the discussion. We discussed changing boat jobs around, new systems, and several other alternatives. The enlightening part for me was watching the shipmates themselves work together to help each other out. They threw out new ideas and suggestions which I honestly wasn’t expecting. They showed a genuine interest in the matter and created some impressive new ideas. To follow that, we enjoyed a long dinner and “black and white cards” session with Mike, our director. This was the time for our shipmates to shine, and so they did. Never had I heard such amazing words from individuals so young. From simple black and white postcards, our shipmates were able to share deep thoughts about their strengths and weaknesses. Personally, the slightly longer dinner with Mike was well worth it. In just a few hours more, I learned more about our shipmates than I had in the ten days we have already spent together. This goes to say that we may be the youngest group on the dive side, but we certainly know what it means to dive into the AQ experience.