Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

A scream of “yeahhhhhh!” could be heard throughout the anchorage last night. It was the response to the question “are you ready to night dive?” This was the moment for me when the group of 12 shipmates and three staff truly became one boat. It is now halfway through the session, and it is smooth sailing here on the good ship MJ. With so much to do each day, it is no wonder our boat has become a tight-knit group after just ten days. Everyone is well on their way to earning new certifications. Amanda is finishing her confined water and will be doing her first open water dive today. Our advanced divers are anxiously awaiting their deep dive, the last one required for certification. The progress our divers have made is impressive- JP has greatly improved his air consumption, and Jon’s buoyancy is more consistent. Ian (already an advanced diver) has been fine-tuning his skills as well as assisting others. Heather and Chloe are solid underwater navigators, returning perfectly to the mooring on the self-led dive. Morgan and Jeromy- confident divers in their own right- have shown off their out of water skills. Morgan has competed in more styles of dance than I knew existed, and Jeromy has documented this trip with top notch photography. Ben, a shipmate of mine last year, picked up right where he left off- always entertaining and lending a helping hand. Ben and Jack have been the only ones to see a nurse shark so far, something we all wish we had been a part of. Ten days in, eleven more to go. MJ is firing on all cylinders. After having such a fantastic ten days, we are all excited to see what surprises and experiences the next eleven days hold.