Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Tanis Marie is doing great! Armando, Bernardo, and Daniel are quickly progressing through their advanced scuba certification. They went on a night dive and loved it! They saw beautiful bioluminescence and awesome coral formations. Ailish is getting great at wakeboarding and is even starting to do some tricks! Jimmy and Armando are turning into awesome Pico sailors! Except when Daniel and Bernardo pirate them… Sage has had some trouble equalizing on dives, but she is working through it and is loving the diving! Everyone participated in a mock sailing practical and learned a lot. The concepts clicked for many of the shipmates, including Ben, Ellen, and Sage, who said they learned a lot. Max and Jimmy have become great helmsmen and have learned a lot about steering through ocean swell. Emma and Lizzie have a talent at the helm as well, and even after full rotation days still, have the energy to do exercises on the bow! Hugh is a great chef, helping out even when it’s not his turn. All in all the crew on Tanis Marie is learning a lot and having a great time. They even have invented a dance which they perform for other boats and makes this group even more amazing!