Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Our adventure aboard Therapy has been wondrous thus far. We have had incredible sailing, world-class diving, sang along to the Lion King through Tropical Storm Bertha, all the while coming together as the crew of Therapy and as friends. ¬†We, the staff, have loved getting to know all the shipmates and see them find their place on board. Our crew is remarkable, and each brings something unique to the table. Noah constantly amazes us with his aquatic acrobatics and his curiosity. Mihir and Marita are quite the dynamic duo with their creative hand signals; they make life aboard hilarious and very musical. Katie has incredible insight and wonderful stories about her family history. Pedro keeps us all laughing and sings along with all Captain Cats’ crazy songs. Kate is a fabulous diver and always spots really great critters underwater. Anastacia is our smiley sailing veteran and brings really wonderful perspective to our crew and our experience. She has really enjoyed learning to night dive. Schuyler is improving his diving skills tremendously and has loved becoming more independent underwater. He also has incredible taste in music. Boyd is basically our staff-in-training and is getting ready for his divemaster program next summer by learning a bit more about what it means to run a program. Tatiana has loved our wreck dives and has really been an emotional leader on the trip and has set the tone for sharing openly onboard. Jarrett is so passionate about marine biology; he gets so excited for every dive. Harry has taken to sailing like a natural; he is so excited and curious to learn more about sailing and all the theory behind it. Grady is our go-to go-getter; he is always there to lend a hand with rounding up the troops, mooring, raising sails, or docking. Texas Mike has an astonishing array of voices, impressions, and accents to keep us all entertained. Jess, Mike, and I feel so lucky to be finishing up the 2014 summer with a crew this amazing. Everyone is excited to be here and ready to soak up the experience, and as an instructor, you couldn’t ask for anything more wonderful from a crew. We have already swum with sharks, faced 40-knot winds, worked on research papers and earned our advanced diver certification, needless to say, it’s been an adventure, and we are so excited to experience the rest of what this trip has to offer, together.