Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we hit the halfway milestone on what thus far has been an incredible journey. We have bonded to form a family unit, where it’s always a joy to come together for mealtime after a long day of activities. Some memorable moments have included watching a mother dolphin with her calf jumping in the wake of our bow on the sail from Anegada to Mountain Point, exploring the Baths together, and having a very deep conversation on values as a part of our Lifeworks Forum. Time has absolutely flown by, and it has been such a joy to watch these 12 individuals come together to form such a cohesive team. The open water students, Victor, Luis, Nikolay, and Miguel, have all passed their scuba exams with flying colors, completed the confined water sessions, and even went for their first open water dive today over a vivid coral reef. The advanced divers, Emilie, Eduardo, Will, Guillaume, Abby, Violet, Lizzie, and Madi, have all had new experiences with night diving, underwater navigation, and fish identification. All the students have also shown significant progress in their sailing skills- practicing their points of sail, tacking, jibing, anchoring, and mooring. On top of that, the students have learned the definition of clean and may even come home with a few new recipes. Overall, life aboard Tiger Pause has been an absolute pleasure, and Aiar, Andy, and I are looking forward to another ten days of sailing, diving, and laughter.