Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It’s truly hard to believe that just a mere ten days ago, this boat consisted of 17 complete strangers from all over the world with similar senses of adventure. At this point, it seems as though we’ve all known each other and have been adventuring together for years. We’ve seen and done so many unforgettable things. In talking with the crew, I’ve managed to get an idea of some of the highlights thus far. Ben says he really digs the marine science — being able to learn about it in ‘da book’ and see it in real life underwater. Yasmine and Jared’s favorite was the clambering and climbing over all the boulders at the Baths. Eliza says she’ll never forget swimming through the airplane wreck, while Casey and Sydney say it’s the simple things like just hanging outside all the time and being on the water. Cash Money’s favorite times are spent just cruising around in our super dinghy Aggressive. Tanner is loving all the night diving and coming to the surface to see all the amazing stars. Isa says it’s the pristine views and the color of the water that does it for her while Nika really loved the hike up to the lookout on top of Salt Island. Duncan and Zolt say it’s definitely the sweet swim-through on the bow of the Rhone, while the deep dive is Emma’s most unforgettable moment. And of course, Jules says it’s gotta be making brownookies (brownies with cookie dough) last night for the crew while they jumped in for the night dive.

All in all, we’ve had some pretty stellar times on board, and I can’t wait for more to come. Gotta make the most of the days to come!