Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It’s hard to believe that this session is already ten days gone. This rambunctious boat has kept the staff laughing and smiling as we sailed around the eastern leg of the BVI. Every morning I love to chat with Sarah over coffee and hear her great stories from home. As we move throughout our day, whether it is sailing, diving, or a rotation day, Kristina is always asking questions to master whatever skill we are currently learning. Raoul, I can always count on to make the whole group crack up and throw a dock line or tie any knot. When we sail our long passages, Andreas is always keen to help make our boat sail faster and better, and Christian’s easygoing attitude and excellent helmsmanship is a comforting presence onboard. There has been such solid leadership afforded the boat by our two divemasters-in-training, Nico and Jess, and it’s great to watch Sam, Gabby, and Leon master their scuba skills and dive for the first time. Julie can be seen sailing our small boats- Picos- better than most staff members and has become an excellent teacher herself. Finally, I love to look out over and catch Isabel smiling her fabulous smile as we sail into a sunny Caribbean sky and exclaim that this moment is her favorite part of the day. Whatever the day, whatever the context, these shipmates have been such gems, and I cannot wait for the next ten days that I have with them.