Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

My oh my how quick time flies! We cannot believe how quickly ten days can go! Since starting our journey at West End, we have set the sails, trimmed the sheets, and gone to depths under the sea. Life aboard has gone swimmingly- Alex, Oscar, and Henry have really taken to sailing and are perfecting their skills. As we sailed to Anegada, they eagerly took to the helm and even caught the sight of dolphins off our boat! Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are working on learning and fine-tuning their sailing skills and are on the brink of being excellent sailors. Under the water, Sam, Julian, and Emma have been practicing their dive skills- mask clearing, regulator recovering, swimming in the underwater world. Today they conquered the skills in the first open water dive! As they have begun diving, the advanced divers have completed two specialty courses and are well on their way to being advanced divers. Fed, Seb, Oscar, Alex, Henry, Devlin, Alexa, Riley, and Bret have been great at researching and identifying fish and algae for their underwater naturalist diver specialty. Living aboard Changes has been filled with laughs, whether at silly jokes or the ever endearing visits by Oscar’s alter ego, the Scottish Capt. Muccuch. We have been having some great times out here. Alexa has taken pride in her new skills in the galley with mashed potatoes, while Devlin, Emma, and Sam have created many dance routines! There is never a dull moment around here, and we are eager for another ten days on the water!