Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Ten days ago, eleven shipmates awoke in their beds and started an amazing journey. They had multiple flights and a ferry ride where they were welcomed by three anticipating staff. From day one, there was an immediate bond with the 14 crew members of Squeakybrat that has only been amplified. Onboard, our crew consists of seven divemasters and four Carina’s. The divemasters have finished all of their chats and are eagerly waiting for their final exams. We have also been doing demonstration type quality skills and workshops. They have been working extremely hard but not without loads of laughter. The Carina’s onboard have had their advanced dive chats and completed the navigation, boat, and fish ID dives of their advanced certification. In the next couple of days, they will complete their deep and night dives. They have also been concentrating on their advanced sailing courses by planning passages, including a night sail. They are all on track to complete their certifications. Our new 14 member family enjoys all hanging out together, with random bursts of heavy laughter and dance parties, not to mention arm wrestling and thumb war contests. It is crazy to think that our time together is halfway over. None of us are looking forward to leaving each other. Not to worry, parents, family, and friends- everyone has ten fingers, ten toes, and a huge smile on their face!