Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Greetings from the crew of Sambamba! All the shipmates are having a blast working together and living on the ocean. Our Vega students hit a huge milestone today: they went on their first open water dive! The advanced divers, Preston, James, and Steve, are killing it on their night and naturalist dives. While Rocky has been sailing the Picos like a pro, Eli has shown up the entire AQ fleet on the wakeboard, and Ku impresses with multiple consecutive 360s on the kneeboard. Pepe constantly pleases the crew with his favorite music choices, assuring we always have the best tunes blasting. No one can tie our sailing knots as quickly and efficiently as Yates can, and Lane is so good with his dive tables that he has been helping the rest of the crew to master the RDP. As we near our sailing exams, Casper and Tommy are flawlessly leading the crew through tacks and other maneuvers. Smudge, Kelli, and I are having a great time with the Sambamba tribe, and we’re all so sad that this trip is halfway over. Here’s to another amazing ten days!