Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

So we’ve reached day 10 of our trip aboard “Mary Mo” and we’ve had some memorable experiences so far. The shipmates have been living, learning and scuba diving together extremely well, and from the looks on their faces, they’re having as good at time as we are. After chatting with the group I’ve managed to get an idea about what they’ve enjoyed most so far. My Dolphins, the marine biologists, have been learning loads about the ocean and we’ve had some great discussions about fish and coral and all the rest. Connor, a keen fisherman back home, was excited to catch a turtle for our scientific turtle tagging project. Juan and Zack have really enjoyed their first night dives, which were full of interesting marine life. Each of the Dolphin’s have loved becoming more independent divers and have accomplished their first student-led dive. The rest of our “Mary Mo” team are rescue diver trainees, a course conducted by Meghann, Davis and Sam the skipper. The course has been reported as fun and challenging so far. Tucker has particularly enjoyed learning CPR. Today Chloe and JJ were excited to have completed a full day of in water rescue practice, which included some of the most challenging skills, and Ethan has enjoyed ‘saving’ everyone’s life during the course. Ella described the trip overall as “supercalifragelisticexpialadocious”. She has also enjoyed the rewarding feeling of rescuing divers, and especially being towed by Kelly during ‘tired diver’ practice. Many shipmates have highlighted our extracurricular activities as their most memorable moments. Laurel has really enjoyed some of our shipwreck dives, such as Wreck Alley and hanging out with an eagle ray at the RMS Rhone. Gaby had an awesome experience on a night dive where she found herself surrounded by nocturnal marine life in an area called “The Dragon’s Lair”. Kelly, Ella and Laurel are good at starting up dance parties after our dinner clean-up, and share a passion for the British boy band One Direction (along with our skipper Sam). We are looking forward to the remaining time we have on board Mary Mo. The Dolphin’s have their research projects coming up, giving them a chance to collect and analyze their own scientific data. The Rescue’s can look forward to their rescue scenarios, where they will use the skills learned over the last few days in some ‘real-life’ situations. We therefore expect the energy and excitement for past ten days to continue into the next.