Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Well well, where to even begin here? Words can’t even describe the intensity of the Mahi Tribe’s experience through out the last ten days of our trip. During the last few years I’ve had the privilege to work with a number of different crews and I have never seen a group of individuals come together so quickly as our shipmates. The number of late night dance parties, insides jokes, fun adventures and intense mealtime conversations has been extremely entertaining for all on board (not to mention the ridiculous retainer talk before bed time). Being that we have 5 people enrolled in the Neptune program and 6 people in the Rescue program, there are always shipmates going here or there in a somewhat of an organized chaos but somehow we are always on time, happy and never stressed. Everyone seems to really be progressing as divers and inspired by what they are learning. Alyssa and Lucy recently mastered the art of in water resuscitation, battling through the infamous Rescue Exercise 7 to learn how to save others on the surface. Sam has already demonstrated a strong foundation of rescue skills by staying cool and calm on each dive, even in the face of the occasional problem or curve ball. Alana’s fantastic dive skills make her a great buddy in water, but she’s also a huge help out of the water. Always up and on her feet and ready to help set sail, clean the salon or get involved with the next activity. Lydia, as well, always seems to be at our shoulders with an offer of help or a fun and funny anecdote to share. Joe has earned the joking nickname “boat dad” from some of the other shipmates, as he always seems to be helping his fellow students, considering their needs as well as his own.

Our Neptunes just recently became Advanced Open Water divers, for which we are very proud and are in the process of learning how to plan, conduct and navigate dives without instructor aid. Nikolai is always a solid dive buddy who’s air consumption has been unbelievably good so far through the trip. Giles, in addition to always being prepared for just about any scenario, is often also the first one with gear set up and in the water. Caleb, in addition to improving his dive skills (and love of brittle stars) has also demonstrated his rock climbing skills during our expedition to the Baths while Ryan has held his own in the galley almost every day, including cooking Summertime Thanksgiving single-handed. All the while Chris (aka “Fluffy”) has kept us laughing with his constant stream of jokes and dancing along with his DJ skills.
Every day our boat comes together more and more and we’re all excited to see what the next ten days will bring. For now though, I’ve got to cut this short as we are off to go dive a site called Alice in Wonderland off of Ginger Island. Just another day in the life!