Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

At this point all of our shipmates have become accustomed to the life at sea and they all appear to be seasoned sailors turning of cabin lights (for the most part) and conserving fresh water. Sleep ins are far and few between here at ActionQuest but today we enjoyed a couple of extra hours of sleep. We anchored by the Dogs and Michael and Xander proved to be excellent free divers going down to the bottom as they snorkeled off the transom of the boat. Diving with the Carinas have so far been an impressive experience for me as a scuba instructor and Preston and Graysen repeatedly come up from every dive with humongous smiles. Elena being quite the experienced diver brings confidence and knowledge to the group and sets a great example for proper diving techniques. Sabrina, Jessica, Nicolette and Joshua have spent more time on land with the locals when the rest of the shipmates go diving and regularly come back with amazing photos of their community service. During our daily cleanups after meals Ian often breaks out in song ” much to our crew’s delight and Derek joins in with comic statements that really lightens the mood and make people laugh frequently. Sailing is normally a big part of our days and Ashley has really stepped up to the task of being on the helm and steers the boat with confidence that of a rugged skipper would. The staff are so excited to continue this amazing trip and we cant wait to see how this group will grow together as a whole