Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Ahoy family and friends of the great Calypso shipmates, this is captain Mitchell. Its been a while since we last wrote, and many wondrous events have unfolded. All the Vega shipmates have passed their PADI Open-water dive exams and are very close to being certified divers. Natalie and Eliza saw a huge stingray on their dive today and can’t stop talking about it. The Carina shipmates, Richard and Pablo, are checking off new PADI specialties every day, and our Barracuda shipmate, Jason, has spent more time underwater than above water. On the surface, where the sailing takes place, we have traveled many miles, figuratively and literally. I started teaching sailing seven years ago, and I’ve never had so many students interested in sailing at one time. Samuel has far surpassed any expectation I have ever set for a novice sailor, taking confident control of Calypso while skipper. Kath has a thorough understanding of the rigging and is very active when asked to maneuver the boat. Andres and Jacob are small boat masters, sailing a Pico to the max every chance they get. Mason asks me to teach him new knots every time were together. Mara battles seasickness with a smile and enjoys the distraction from it when asked to help tack, gybe, or drive the boat. All the shipmates are learning and honing in their hard skills, i.e., sailing and diving, but its the soft skills of leadership, responsibility, accountability, and integrity where I have seen the most growth. Eleanor has taken a great leadership role when it comes to life aboard, always encouraging shipmates to help and pull their own weight. We were all very happy and excited to continue the laughter-filled voyage, and while only halfway through, this could be the best group I’ve ever crewed alongside.