Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 10 has come swiftly for the crew of Spindrift! It seems like only yesterday Margot took us off the dock at West End! We kicked off our journey with a snorkel at Norman Island, where some of our shipmates got to use a mask and fins for the first time! Ten of our crew are working towards their open water scuba certifications- Matthew, Ben, Margot, Mar, Jan, Jacob, Justin, Caroline, Sarah, and Robbie. They have been watching PADI videos and doing knowledge reviews on dive theory, and everyone passed the written exam! Now there are only a few more dives before certification! Our Questers- Alejandra and Slater, have joined the Lifeworks program for some community service, instead of diving, which included a fun trip to a local school where they played with the students. Everyone has been super excited about our “rotation days,” where we do a variety of watersports and seamanship activities. Jacob, Robbie, Ben, and Mar have been out wakeboarding and skiing with me. Jan, Justin, and Matthew were rocking the windsurfing. Margot taught everyone Nuke’Em on the beach, and there’s been lots of Picoing! Our shipmate Caroline (Lina) joined us a week late, but she has quickly become a strong member of the Spindrift family! There’s been some awesome sailing and boat maneuvering happening. At Spanishtown, Sarah put the boat on the dock like a pro, as well as backed us onto the raft at Vixen Point. Ben also did a great docking at Leverick! One major highlight of the trip so far was the sail to Anegada, where Ben, Mar, Lina, Jan, Robbie, Jacob, Justin, and Matthew got to experience driving the boat in lots of wind! It takes a lot of focus and muscle! A hilarious game of Pterydactl took place on the beach on Anegada as well, as well as a coconut opening by Slater and Jacob. Fresh coconut was had by all! Between sleeping under the stars, sweating in the galley, and scrubbing the decks, the crew is getting closer every day! It will be a sad goodbye in another ten days, but I’m sure they will continue to be fun and action-filled days!