Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Who can believe it’s day 10, this trip is flying by After reading Jakob’s blog yesterday, it reminded us that we have to live in the moment and we are very fortunate to be where we are right now. With a high number of returning shipmates, it’s great to see past shipmates looking out for new shipmates and helping them out on tasks. On day 10, we are functioning as a very slick team on all aspects of life on board. Some fantastic meals have been made and enjoyed by all, a memorable one being Mexican night as prepared by Joshua and Will. Today we also have eaten like kings and are lucky to have Amanda and Hugh aboard, who made some of the best pancakes I have ever had. I am excited about tonight’s meal, as it’s Thanksgiving, and with two very competent chefs, we will be having a real feast. Aboard we have some real characters, and two people we can rely on to cheer up the whole team are Elisabeth and Kevin. They have high energy and enthusiasm for all activities, which is appreciated by all. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking as a first-time diver, however not for Antoine and Alex who are progressing at a fast rate and are acing all their skills required for their PADI certification. Catherine has impressed me immensely with her skills at the helm of the yacht. With no previous experience sailing yachts, she has a natural feel for it and has become a master at her points of sail. Aside from watersports, we have had some very in-depth discussions during Lifeworks, where I have been very pleased to see Edward and Ailish lead the group discussions. They have shown a real maturity and open mindset to the group’s different views on topics. Life aboard can be full on and fast paced, and everyone’s working hard to make our boat the fastest for the races by practicing their tacks and points of sail. Also, our boat is clean and pleasant to spend tie on, and that’s all down to the responsibility of the crew to look after our home. A team member who has become a leader of the group is Jack; he is very helpful and considerate to all aboard- another gem on our super team on Elowyn Sage. We can’t wait for the next ten days of our trip!