Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

As we are halfway through an adventure on Astrid, we have transitioned from 15 individuals from all over the world to one amazing crew aboard. Jane, Chris, and Jon are well on their way to being EFR/CPR certified and have been all over the islands helping with beach cleans and learning about the local wildlife. While our Questers have learned all about the animals, those on our Vega program have just today done their first open water dive! Matt, Grant, Abby, Violet, and Isabel completed open water dive number one at Mountain Point, seeing a variety of fish and even doing a bit of line dancing underwater. Ethan and Charlie also saw many parrotfish and impressed all of us with their dive skills too! Above the water, the sailing skills have come with ease. Jack is a pro at the helm and Chris a rock star with his knots. All of the shipmates have become an excellent crew and exceptional sailors, volunteers, divers, and friends. We cannot wait for the remainder of the trip and the fun it will bring!