Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

So much has happened since the first day when we left the dock in Soper’s Hole. The shipmates have all taken their first breaths underwater successfully and sailed through Caribbean waters while at the helm. Today we got to sleep in and the two master chefs, Amelia and Ian, made an amazing pancake breakfast, to everyone’s delight. We’ve just completed our fifth rotation day, filled with waterskiing, sailing, and scuba diving. If we are lucky, perhaps Ralph will entertain us with one of his hilarious interpretations of the tarpon fish that usually show up during lunch. Washing the dishes after dinner often turns into a dance party with Sabrina and Cameron, which we all eventually end up getting into. These first ten days have also shown how skilled all of our shipmates are in multiple different disciplines. Marissa has been fantastic at the helm; docking the boat perfectly in Leverick Bay. Willie, Amelia, Ryan, and Guillaume have been showing their amazing natural abilities to keep everyone working as a team. Ralph, Molly, Cameron, and Marissa have been rocking their knot-tying. Alex, Ian, and Caleb have also been showing perfect execution of skills underwater. It’s unbelievable how well everyone is doing as they move onto their open water sections. It’s also nice that we have another CPR and First Aid certified student, as Sabrina has passed her test for both. In total, it’s amazing to see how far everyone has come in these short ten days.