Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

I can’t believe we’ve already been together for ten days, while simultaneously I can’t believe it’s only been ten days! This group is amazing. By the time the evening of night one rolled around we were already a family, and I has it been a blast. This group makes even the most benign activities extraordinarily fun. Whether it be group singalongs and drum circles while washing dishes, making songs while cooking, playing cards when it rains, or ninja fights while we dive, there is NEVER a dull moment on board the Prosecutor. Zach, Elizabeth, and Noah are still working on getting up on the wakeboard and Mariana, and Valentina are perfecting their small boat skills. Today Anthony was able to complete his mask skills while scuba diving, and everyone completed their first open water dive! It was awesome! Diving with all the girls, Caroline, Elizabeth, Mariana, Tina, and Kayla, was tons of fun. They did an excellent job communicating underwater, and we saw some awesome sea life, including trumpet and parrot fish. I was told by Zach and Jon’s dive instructor that they were doing back flips Matrix style- sweet! The Prosecutors as a whole are a wicked awesome group, and we’re working to make us even better by talking about responsibility and taking ownership and pride in our vessel. Wes and Daniel killed it in the galley yesterday and made phenomenal pancakes, grilled cheese, and Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone has been doing their part to keep the boat running. Even when it rains you can be sure there’s a dance party on the bow, usually led by Daniel. I think the next ten days will bring out the best of our twelve shipmates and Aaron and I will make sure they get the most out of their time left together, and they all reach their full potential.