Location: West End, Tortola

It’s crazy to think that three weeks ago our shipmates stepped aboard for the first time and we were just a boat full of strangers. Since then, we have had an amazing opportunity to learn so much, not just about each other but about ourselves as well. Matt was the first to arrive all that time ago, and it has been great to watch his eagerness to explore, running straight to the top of one of the mountains on Salt Island, which we visited a few days ago. It has been amazing to watch as confidence quickly grew within the group. Stefano in particular, originally a very quiet character, soon became one of the loudest, most confident and funny crew members, really bringing the team together. Day 7 was the first day we got to sail the Zests, this brought a huge change in attitude towards sailing, with Nick and Ty claiming their newfound love for sailing and a new willingness to learn and take control of the yacht during a sail training. It was great to see Andrew, already a natural, introduce Lucy to dinghy sailing, going out together in a Zest, building confidence and becoming pros. Every one of our ship mates has had their chance to shine, whether it be Jackson showing off his wicked kneeboarding skills, Caroline leading the crew expertly through the sand castle competition on hike day, or Omar doing a fantastic job as skipper on the first race day we had. Another highlight would have to be sitting on Sandy Spit beach at the crack of dawn on day 17, passing around a hot pot of tea and watching the sunrise. Although this time of day agreed with some more than others, it was a beautiful moment to reflect on the trip so far; already certified divers, with Jaden boasting his compass skills to navigate underwater, and just the day before everyone achieving their IYT practical sailing certificates. And yesterday in the final race, Kati, our talented skipper of the day, helmed us past another boat in the final minutes of the race to secure a sixth-place finish. It has been a pleasure to have such a fun and thoughtful group on board Steady, and we wish everyone the best of luck for the future, and hope to see you all next year!