Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the session. The three of us feel incredibly lucky to have such a fun, dynamic, and enthusiastic group of shipmates on board with us this session. Not a day goes by in which we don’t field about how funny, thoughtful, and kind our crew is. Since getting off the dock at West End, Distant Drums and her crew have been busy at work and play. Our Neptunes Jack, Jimmy, and Pando recently completed their Advanced Open Water Diver certification, and the improvement in their skills has been notable. The Neptunes, joined by Julien, form our dedicated mooring and anchoring crew. Julien, as well, has shown great aptitude at the helm. Dolphins Kelly, Ella, and Rachel are keeping busy with their fish journals, drawing and recording data about the creatures they encounter underwater. These three girls are a perpetual ray of sunshine aboard our boat, keeping the deck full of smiles and laughter all day long. Simon, Cole, and Andy also keep us laughing – both with their witty banter and with their love of impromptu dance parties and sing-alongs. They have led the crew through various renditions of Single Ladies, Shout, and Jump on it (both in the sunshine and in the rain). Although we spend a fair amount of tie dancing around the cockpit, our crew is also getting some interesting work done. Dolphins Brooke, Kat, and Jess have begun writing the proposal for their underwater research project. They plan to study the relative health of the reefs we visit throughout the next two weeks. Sun, rain, or squall, the energy, and positivity that all the crew has meant that Distant Drums is an absolute pleasure to be aboard. Already, fantastic friendships have been formed, shipmates have developed their skills, and none of us can wait for what is still to come.