Location: BVI

As our amazing 21-day adventure comes to an end, our Breakaway crew must say goodbye. Before we part ways, we’d like to reflect on the adventures we’ve had in sailing, night watches, hiking, land exploration, scuba diving, but most importantly becoming an outstanding crew. In the beginning, when we were just becoming familiar with each other Oliver broke the ice with his ability to make anyone laugh, this did not stop throughout the trip with his best laugh he gave people being when he accidentally hailed the coast guard. During passages, Cameron always kept conversations going and teach others all about stars to help keep everyone on his watch team awake. Chris cooking abilities were an amazing addition to the boat as he was able to save numerous meals ensuring that they all tasted amazing. During the long night sails, Maggie would lift everyone’s spirits by either starting super interesting topics or just start humming on a song that just so happens, everyone on watch wanted to sing along with. This made the nights under stars so magical. A couple of times a day Gemma would spread so much laughter that we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. She has this way of spreading joy and Shen she starts to laugh so hard that she starts to cry it’s very difficult for the rest of us to not join in. On race day, our skipper of the day Lana led us to a powerful victory with her spot on helming for the first half to get us in an amazing position far out in front of all the other sailboats before passing the helm off to Zack who did not let our lead slip away securing our win! Gage showed off his sail trim skills on race day, always knowing when sails needed to be adjusted to ensure we were going as fast as possible while avoiding weather helm. Ben has been our anchor on this trip. With his chill attitude towards life, he would help the crew to take time to relax and be in the moment, even when the rest of us would feel stressed. As we near the end of our trip, we hope that our Breakaway crew will see each other again and remember the good times we had on the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea sailing the leeward islands. The entire staff want nothing more than to see each crew members smiling face back on the dock next summer and wish them all the best in the coming year