Location: BVI

As this session comes to a close, we look back at all the laughs and all the wonders we have experienced. Traveling to 5 different countries and over 500 nautical miles, we have seen a lot in just three weeks. From the towering cliffs of Saba to the picturesque paradise of Saint Barths. We have scuba dived, hiked, surfed, and don’t forget the horseback riding and the monstrous bike ride all the way around the island Nevis. We have sailed for more than 20 hours at a time with only the moon and the stars to light our way as we traveled to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Our crew of 8 making every moment a joy. Without the crazy fun facts from Dylan, our resident weird facts expert, the topics of conversation would have been boring at best.

Bryce arrived late, but that didn’t stop her from fast becoming the wildest one on the boat. She always had something funny to say about everything. We also had a personal cameraman named Sam, who seems to have documented the entire trip from start to finish. We hope to get some great footage from him. During the first sail, we found out that we had a fantastic sailor named William, who made the long passages look effortless when he was on the helm. We had help with remembering small details about the trip from our two returners, Jake and Evan; their help was greatly appreciated. Charlotte and Lilah became instant friends, and you could be sure that if one was around the other wasn’t far away. They were always laughing and smiling at some joke, so if anyone needed to laugh, they were there. We as staff are sad to see our crew leave after so many great experiences, but we know that we made an impact on all of their lives in a good way. They leave here more confident in their abilities to overcome challenges, and that is exactly what we wanted.