Location: West End, Tortola

It is the end of the summer and we Staff on Luna Kahuna are sad to say goodbye to a very special group of shipmates who have bonded incredibly since day 1. All from the onset, our shipmates were mature, fun and returning students made those new to AQ welcome to our family. We were saddened to see Max, who helped head up this atmosphere, leave at the beginning of the trip due to a leg injury. It was so hard to see him go but against the odds, we overcame and grew to become a close-knit team.

Everyone got involved in raising sails but a few shone throughout their trip in their seamanship. Alex quickly mastered anchoring and helped teach people how to do it, he was already a helping hand. Jimmy was undoubtedly the champion of dinghy long and short lining. He was the dad of the boat and fully reliable, as was Troy, who could always be counted on to help out and was so conscientious that he became a fourth staff member. Rocco helped on final race day at the helm and won with the help of Milin and Alex. Milin can only be described as everyone’s favorite brother.

Sofia was totally reliable and always knew what was going on and could help pull our family together. Kay was unquestionably helpful, with her chilled demeanor nothing would faze her from raising sails and taking out the trash. Tara was a natural leader of dinner conversations and the spokeswoman for the Dolphins’ amazing science project.

Entertainment, fun, and joy filled the boat every day with many singalong sessions and dance-offs, we partied our way through the storm. Claire was an absolute diva, always involved in fun times. Cate was out boat energy supply, providing constant enthusiasm and entertainment. Sam never stopped laughing. Eirann, on the other hand, was always smiling and her obvious happiness was infectious.

We can’t believe it is already the end of a great session and wish all of the very best to a special group of shipmates.

Best Fishes from Matt, Sarah, and Lucy of Luna Kahuna