Location: West End, Tortola

I cannot believe our three weeks together is coming to a close. The Dolphin students’ papers are written, the Neptune students have completed all their training dives, and the Rescue students have passed their exams and scenarios with flying colors. Felipe and Alix keep us laughing with their undying enthusiasm, while Hannah and Luka are notorious for starting boat dance parties. Margaux and Anika impress us all with their sailing skills, bringing home the victory in the dive side sail race with Sydnei. Nate and Timmy have become so good at navigating underwater that they’ve been leading many of our more recent dives. Paulina and Beth have perfected their in-water rescue breath techniques. While Will is confident in his emergency oxygen setup ability, Kiera acted as the team leader in our most recent scenario, helping to create and implement a flawless emergency action plan, and Jacob’s positivity keeps us all in good spirits. The crew has learned so much together during this incredible experience. We are sad to say goodbye but have no doubts that this crew will keep in contact for years to come. This is a session for the books!