Location: West End, Tortola

We started our day with the much-anticipated announcement of boat assignments! Everyone was excited to learn who they are sailing with this session and to start moving into their boats and forming bonds with the crew. Afterward, we spent most of the morning upstairs in another group meeting, this time covering our schedule and safety policies in much greater detail. After lunch we split into groups again- new staff became familiar with the dive compressors and filled all of the scuba tanks in preparation for the first dives, while the other group “fooded” nine of our boats. During the fooding process, three weeks worth of dry food that was shipped from the US in a container is loaded into carts from our storerooms, brought to the dock, and then unloaded onto each boat. The crews worked together afterward to organize and stow all of the food in all the hidden spaces on the boat, and then made a map so everyone can find it again! After a relaxing swim and dinner at Pusser’s, everyone headed to their new homes for the night!