Location: Final Night in Antigua

It’s hard to believe that we’re just past the halfway point of our trip. Good times have flown by on our Minerva Voyage, and it seems that time keeps going faster! It’s been a wonderful experience watching the boat dynamics unfold as everyone learns how to pull their weight in a communal setting. I’ve been impressed with the level of motivation, effort (and humor!) our shipmates have brought with them. We’ve shared plenty of laughs along the way as Luca has been on an eternal hunt for double-stuffed Oreos and other American snacks (which he so kindly shares with everyone!). To keep us entertained, Mr. Charter complete with monocle and utmost class – has been spinning stories for hours on end to keep us all entertained on our long sails. We’ve had plenty of “firsts” as Mike learned how to make scrambled eggs on his day as chef and Gessica tried her hand at the helm as she took us from Nevis to Antigua. As it stands, Charter and Artem hold the record for being the only ones to stay awake for an entire sail and on the flip side, Jake holds the record for being the only one to sleep for an entire sail! Jake certainly made up for it with all the hard work he put into cleaning the boat afterward. On the note of cleanliness, Rachel and Brooke take the gold for having the most consistently tidy cabin. Corinna and Camilla are antsy with excitement for our next destination, St. Barthelemy’s. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish that our trip could last longer, but I can’t wait to see what awaits us in the second half of the trip!