Location: West End, Tortola

Certification cards are signed, final grades are filled, all the scuba tanks are finally filled, the deck has been soft scrubbed, cards have been written, cabins are filled with bags rather than clothes, and our lines are on the dock back in West End where the adventure began. Over the past three weeks the Boss Lady and her crew have been some amazing places and done some truly amazing things. Hiking to the tallest point in the BVI, diving wrecks such as the Rhone, Chikuzen and Fearless, perfecting Rescue Exercise 7, successfully tagging a hawksbill turtle. All of these things make exciting stories and have left some pretty awesome pictures. But as we all walk back from our final BBQ and head back to our home one last time as a family, it isn’t the things you can take pictures of that everyone knows they’ll miss most. The Boss Ladies and Gents have become some truly amazing divers and great sailors and scientists. But more than that in these last three weeks they’ve become an incredibly strong family made up of some truly amazing young men and women. The bonds and memories made and shared between these shipmates has been an amazing experience to watch and I’m so glad I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I am proud to call these shipmates mine and brag about all that they can do. But as they head off on their taxis back to the lives that they came from I know their life back home won’t be exactly the same. They are more confident and driven people now and I am excited to see the things that they do from here and the lives they will make for themselves and the dreams they will accomplish. Good luck with all of your future adventures Boss Ladies and Gents! And as you look back on all the fun times we had at ActionQuest, don’t be sad that its over, be excited that it happened.