Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

We are halfway through our trip, and I’m always in aw about how much we can get done and how much we see in just ten short days. The first few days consisted of old friends being untied once again as demonstrated by the screams of Tierny, Katie, Beccy, and Caroline when they saw each other for the first time. The first days also consisted of new friends and brand new experiences. This is especially true for Lucas who is our only non-returning shipmate. We have done lots of sailing so far, much of which has been done by Vlad, David, Adam, and Nick. Maddy and Adrienne are the underwater photographers of the group and have been busy taking pictures of spotted eagle rays and sharks! Lulu and Lynn are the go-to girls of the boat and are always standing by to lend a hand where ever it may be needed. Leigh is always around to lend a smile and help cook pancakes! One of our most exciting experiences thus far has been when we all got to dive with a dolphin. Pretty sure diving with a dolphin was everyone’s first experience (staff included)! The Rescue program itself has been going great. All the shipmates spent a good portion of yesterday learning to give rescue breaths in the water. It was a long day and everyone ed hard to perfect it. All in all its been an awesome ten days and I’m looking forward to another 10.