Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It’s halfway through the voyage, and Squeakybrat is really starting to come together as a team! We have already sailed halfway around Tortola, including a race to Anegada (where we saw a dolphin!). During the race, Leo successfully overtook three vessels! Dassa sailed a super straight course all the way back to Virgin Gorda without any instruction. All the other shipmates have had a hand at sailing too- tacking, jibing, practicing man overboard drills. Emelio has really gained an understanding of the points of sail, and Danni has taken a liking to help Bob the fender return safely to the boat. Beth has been super helpful anchoring the boat and tending the lines and fenders. Tommy and Arianna have made an amazing Pico sailing team! Under the water, the six Vegas is almost halfway to completing their PADI open water diver course! Dan scored top classroom marks on his theory test. Brech, Matt, and Dassa are really starting to understand the concept of neutral buoyancy. Ilan has already successfully completed his open water course and moved on to join the Carina divers. He and Jay make an excellent team identifying fish species. The Carina’s have completed their boat diving specialty, and are just one dive away from receiving their advanced certifications! In just a few days, we will be completing our circumnavigation of Tortola, in which time we will have all performed the practical portion of the IYT crew certification and finished the diving certifications. We’re extremely excited to continue exploring these islands together!