Location: West End, Tortola

Griffin, Emma, and Andy have ended the summer at AQ sailing around the BVI onboard with 11 shipmates, who have all come together to form the Squeakybrat family. We’ve been on the water for 17 days now, running two programs- Vega and Quest. Ali and Max have done amazing things on Quest, joining GoBeyond to go turtle tagging, and also doing projects like painting a local school in need of some TLC. Oliver and Ben brought their small boat sailing knowledge and continued to learn and grow on the bigger boats, always with big smiles on their faces. Liam has kept everyone onboard laughing with his great impressions and big wealth of knowledge. Jack’s big personality has brought everyone together, bringing the fun to everything from scuba diving to washing the dishes. Ava has a caring nature that helped this boat to become the family it has become, always with a smile on her face and her famous laugh ringing around to pick everyone up. Grace has found a new passion for Pico sailing and has taken that passion to all the watersports we have done. Tessa and Loriane have become junior open water scuba divers, taking naturally to the underwater world. Mikki has showcased her skills on the program, trying everything we have to offer her and leading the way on beach acrobatics. We can’t believe these 17 days have gone by so fast, they have been action-packed with adventure. We now have certified scuba divers and certified sailors exploring all the sights around the BVI on land and underwater- we’ve been sailing, diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, Pico sailing, snorkeling, and hiking. We’ve had beach BBQs in between race days, we’ve woken up for sunrises and fallen asleep under the stars. We’ve cooked, lived, and laughed our way through these truly beautiful days. As we finish up and say our farewells, we sure can say we gave it our all, and we walk away with amazing experiences. date: Aug 15, 2017