Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Last night most of us slept on the bow of the boat. Some of us also slept on the “blue lagoon.” Luckily there was no rain, so we got a good night’s sleep listening to the small crashing of the waves and the wind. We got woken up by the sun rising. We had an early start to the day, but we were all okay with that because we were excited to get the day started. We had a yummy breakfast made by Chadwick and Caroline. After breakfast, we all rushed to the store to get some snacks before we set sail. We then all came together with all of the other boats and got an educational lecture from Mike. Then it was time to set sail. We all got a chance to help out on the boat for us to make it to Norman Island. Some of us also got to steer the boat. We all made our PB+J or ham sandwiches, and we made a little mess with the food! We learned all about the wind and tacking from our wonderful staff! When we got to Norman Island, we were all so thrilled to jump in the water. It was so warm and clear. We could see the bottom even though it was 40 feet deep! We took a short snorkeling trip to the caves. There were a ton of beautiful fish, and we were all taking pictures. It was so amazing to see! After that, we took our first shower on the boat in the sea water in our bathing suits. We would shampoo, jump in the ocean, and rinse off, wash our body, jump in, etc… We all had a blast today! We are now heading to The Bight, a cove where we will sleep. Overall, it was such a fun first day, and we are all looking forward to the next 19 days.