Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a night rafted up to Yo Dawg, we opened our eyes to the poor, vessel-less souls of Aqua Marine, whose boat had to be taken to land to reattach their propeller. They helped themselves to cereal, a very confusing and surprising sight for us to wake up to. As our ventures near their end, the Dolphins found themselves hard at work. The Neptunes stayed on Tropicool to dive down to Wreck Alley for two stunning wreck-dives. The Dolphins spent the day working on their research projects on Yo Dawg. Hard work paid off as our courses come close to being completed. After writing our research papers, we have only the presentations left to do. Subsequently, this marine biology course will become an achievement of ours. The afternoon came, and Aquamarine was repaired. Everyone returned to their own catamarans, and preparations began for breakfast-for-dinner. After eggs, sausage, beans, fruit, and cheesy biscuits, we now find ourselves waiting to present the findings of our research projects. The days seem to be going by faster and faster, and holding on to each moment is becoming more and more difficult. Although no one is ready to leave yet, I feel as if we’ve accomplished so much. Hopefully, others can agree with me that these are some of the best 3 weeks of our lives.