Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning started off with some crazy breakfast of cereal and Mr. Collins. After the dishes were done by our motivated dishie team, George had lots of fun showing and explaining the ship’s systems to us. We were excited to expand our sail knowledge. This first part of our rotation day was followed by some splashy wakeboarding. Today’s highlight was the deep dive, the last dive between us and our advanced open water certification. Down at 70 feet, we had a great time cracking open and playing with a raw egg and looking at colors which had changed in this depth. Back at our home vessel, Shannon was waiting for us with a delicious soup. Everyone was really looking forward to our next activity. With Shannon’s help, we tied pretty bracelets called Turk’s Heads. This will be a part of us for the next time and lets us remember what a great time we all had in this wonderful place with some incredible people. date: Aug 9, 2017