Location: Leverick Bay

Good morning to all those reading this blog from Sweet Spot. Today I woke up around 5:30 to Dylan and Preston waking up before everyone else to make us all a wonderful breakfast. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to go back to sleep, but in the end, it was okay because our amazing chefs couldn’t find the cinnamon for the French toast. As always, it was exactly where they were looking. Today was an early morning. Everyone was up around 6:30, and the first thing on our schedule was a dive. Fernando, Ben, Preston, and Cat went on a fish identification dive, and us on rescue had our first search and recovery dive. Alexis and I were buddies, and we were first up for the dive. I would just like to say we did a pretty amazing job recovery the items that Cara and Matt hid for us. As Julia and Ryan went on their dive Brabee and I figured a way to convince Matt to let us cut his hair. After everyone had completed their dive, we sailed into port at Leverick Bay. At port, we were able to call all of our parents and friends, so if you didn’t receive a call, I’m here to tell you we are all doing great and you have nothing to worry about! We also all got to watch Ben’s viral Tik Tok! The entire Sweet Spot boat went to the grocery store, and Ellie was extremely excited to find things (grapefruit soda) in the grocery store. After we anchored not so far from the doc, we all went to our lectures. All the guys that are on Neptune went over to another boat to complete their lecture. All the girls and Ryan watched our rescue videos on EFR. The lectures were complete for the day, and we went on to our ocean showers. After our swim/ shower/ Snork Natalie so kindly braided my hair for the BBQ. We all got dressed up for dinner, and we took a gorgeous picture on the hardtop. Sweet Spot enjoyed the BBQ, and we were excited to meet everyone on the other boats! My final sign-off as skipper for the day was my squeeze question. Today I asked who is your idol? I personally answered my Grandpa! Anyways we love and miss everyone who had taken the time to read Harley’s lovely blog! XOXO Harley.