Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Rise and shine! We woke up bright and early this morning without even eating breakfast before we left so that we could get off to our fun day. On the way to our first destination, we ate oatmeal, and half of us took Hibiclens showers to use up the fresh water. We got to the spot, the Baths, which are enormous rocks with pools inside. We walked along the slippery rocks and had a ton of fun jumping off the high rocks. Afterward, we traveled to Spanishtown, where we got off the boat and onto shore to get food, call our parents, and load up on snacks for the trip. Then we left and worked on sailing skills and learned more sailing theory. Later we relaxed and enjoyed a phenomenal chili dinner. All excited for the future days to come. P.S. I maneuvered the Prosecutor through a tight marina and Mitch told us beforehand that we would be docking on the starboard side, but when we arrived in Spanishtown, we found all of the other boats docked on the port side. So I, with the help of Gordo, circled the marina buying time for the fellow shipmates to set up the bow and stern lines and fenders on the port side. Then I steered the bow into the dock but turned starboard at the last second to somewhat skid the stern slowly into the dock. Probably my highlight of the day!