Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hannah, Sydnei, and Mike woke up at 4 am to prank Happy Our. They executed the plan perfectly because Happy Our woke up having no utensils and only clues telling them how to get them back. However, they came early before breakfast to retrieve their utensils. This all occurred near Sandy Spit before we departed for West End. Back in West End, we went shopping and ate at D’ Best Cup Cafe. They have the best smoothies ever! We then sailed to GHP while eating lunch and we almost lost a bowl of cheese overboard. Alix was at the helm during the sail and got excited because the depth gauge read 163 ft., which is very deep in the BVIs. Later on Peter Island, we went diving at the Fearless wreck, which is cool. While the Dolphins and Neptunes were diving, the Rescues played a review game because their rescue test is tomorrow. Happy Our performed a skit which was the final task they had to do to retrieve all of their utensils. Even though they weren’t happy about the prank this morning, they were good sports in the end. They redeemed themselves and got back their name Happy Our,¬†instead of Sour Our. The Rescues have a night dive later, while the Neptunes and Dolphins study for their test tomorrow or work on their final paper. If we finish early, we will watch a movie. The day will end when the Rescues come back on board, and we will eat brownies.