Location: Sandy Spit

This morning was much too early for me. After staying up late making forts on the trampoline, I just wanted to fall back to sleep, but the smell of pancakes was just too enticing. Our chefs managed to get us all out of bed in time to eat and be on our way to the Playgrounds. The Playgrounds isn’t metal but a formation of rocks that protects an amazing reef. We went on one of our last research dives. Sam aka “Bubbles” picked us up in Stealth, a very scary dinghy to get a ride in especially in scuba gear. All of us were sore from the hike yesterday and exhausted so although we have a large project due soon we procrastinated and hung in the sun and jumped off the bow. The boys, all except Mel, went over to a beautiful little island with soft white sand. Tonight though we will all be cramming to get all our work done on time. Tonight there’s a Lifeworks which I find fulfilling. Not ready to go home anytime soon.

Looking forward to more dives tomorrow.