Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

This morning we were all exhausted due to another failed prank night. We ate our diminishing supplies of cereal for breakfast and were on our way to Cooper Island. Our first fun dive took place at the Kissing Wrecks two moderately small boats right next to each other in the sand at 80 feet. At this location I had an awesome underwater karate fight with Vlad, Nick, and David. After a lunch of chicken salad sandwiches we went on our second fun dive of the day, and it was really enjoyable as we saw a nurse shark and a turtle. We then sailed to GHP (Great Harbour, Peter Island) where a few of us went snorkeling with an arsenal of resuscitation masks and floatation devices expecting the inevitable and what do you know, less than 10 minutes later we saw bubble on the horizon followed by the surfacing of two unresponsive divers. We proceeded to administer in water rescue breaths. When we got them on the boat it looked bleak but we continued in administering cardio-pulminary resuscitation with pure oxygen first aid. We succeeded in the care of Parker, however I am sad to to admit that we lost Bryant. Luckily for all of us, this was in fact our second scenario! We then had a belly flop contest which Leah undoubtedly won despite the fact that she wore a PFD. Dinner was Asian Teriyaki Noodles and I think its safe to say that it was better than Ramen. After dinner we had a rescue exam which I really hope I didn’t fail!